After River by Donna Milner - Paperback  

After River by Donna Milner - Paperback

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Growing up in the mountains of British Columbia in the 50s and 60s, three km north of the American border,
Natalie knew little of the outside world. But she knew family. A family so close and loving that Natalie
believed they were the envy of the nearby town of Atwood - particularly her eldest brother Boyer,
whom Natalie held especially close to her heart.

But Natalie began to question her family's existence the summer she turned fifteen. The arrival
of a soft-spoken stranger, an American draft-dodger called River, would test the morals and beliefs
of the family and the community to breaking point. The series of events following that summer
day would leave relationships shattered and the Ward family changed forever.

Thirty-five years later, Natalie receives a late-night phone call from her now estranged brother, Boyer,
asking her to come home. Their mother is dying. Reluctantly, Natalie agrees to return to Atwood, the town
she has spent most of her adult life avoiding. And as she travels backs to her childhood home, she steels
herself to face the horrors and secrets of a past she's desperately tried to forget.

After River is an unputdownable story; not just a romance, but a poignant and deeply moving account of how war and conflict can devastate lives across generations.

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