Autopsy The Memoirs of Milton Helpern the World's Greatest Medical Detective - Hardback  

Autopsy The Memoirs of Milton Helpern the World's Greatest Medical Detective - Hardback

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Dr Milton Helpern, as Chief Medical Examiner for the City of New York for twenty years, was instrumental in discovering the truth behind some of America’s most notorious crimes this century: the Coppolino murders; the sensational Alice Crimmins affair; the controversial death of Joan Robinson Hill; the Wylie-Hoffert career girl murders; the Peter Reilly case and numerous others.

Using his extensive knowledge, Dr Helpern includes many fascinating insights into forensic pathology techniques, and gives his views on mercy killing, statistics on violent death, and the deceptive effects that drugs and disease have on pathological pronouncements. The book also chronicles the history of medical law and the coroner system up to the present day, with modern technical advances aiding forensic pathology, but by no means overcoming all the many complexities and problems involved in the work.

Professor Keith Simpson, a personal friend and colleague, writes in his foreword: ‘When the recent history of legal medicine comes to be written . . . the name of Milton Helpern will tower above those of his fellows‘.

Bernard Knight, M.D., is both a doctor and a barrister, being Reader in Forensic Pathology and Home Office Pathologist at the Welsh National School of Medicine, Cardiff. In addition to his professional career, Dr Knight is an author and playwright, writing historical and crime fiction as well as non-fiction in the form of medico-legal texts and medical journalism. He was a close friend of his senior colleague, Dr Helpern, and visited him a number of times in New York to gather material for this book.

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