Avatar the Game for Wii  

Avatar the Game for Wii

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In James Cameron's Avatar: The Game for Nintendo Wii, the player is placed into the movie and able to experience Cameron's epic sci-fi fantasy from their own perspective.

In the single player campaign, this involves taking on the role of a native Na'vi, tasked with finding a number of stolen artifacts taken from them by the RDA mercenary interlopers. There are 8 drivable vehicles and rideable animals to get around the battlefield as quickly as possible, while maximizing firepower.

The Avatar Wii game allows you to choose whether you want to fight for the space-age military RDA or the noble native warriors of the Na'vi. In Avatar: The Game's single-player mode, the player creates a custom character and develops them by progressing through the missions. There are a total of 60 customizable weapons for opposing sides to be unlocked in this Avatar Wii game, awarding more and more devastating hardware as the story progresses

There are also 20 upgradeable skills for each clan to give the upper edge in combat. Avatar: The Game allows the player to take the fight online with an action-packed multiplayer mode.

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