Bob the Builder White Christmas and Other Stories DVD  

Bob the Builder White Christmas and Other Stories DVD

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Bob's White Christmas

Bob decorates the yard with lights and a Christmas Tree and even helps Santa Claus by dressing up as him for the School Carol Concert. Suddenly, it starts to snow heavily and Farmer Pickles gets snowed in while Dizzy gets stuck in a snowdrift. Can Bob rescue them both and still make it back in time for the concert?

Lofty to the Rescue

Lofty, Scoop and Muck are clearing logs by the new bridge, Spud is also there, but instead of helping he creates chaos! Suddenly, one of the logs Spud is standing on rolls over, hits a boulder and catapults him over the bridge. Lofty must then overcome his fear of heights in order to rescue Spud.

Wallpaper Wendy

Bob agrees to do some decorating for Mrs Broadbent, but soon realizes that it isn't as easy as building work! When Wendy sees the mess she sends Bob on a lunch break while she tidies up, but will it all be finished before Mrs Broadbent returns?

Wendy's Big Match

Bob has entered his building yard into a competition, but he only has a few hours to tidy up, so Wendy goes off to get the new football pitch ready for the evening's big match. Spud then decides to try out the football, but nearly hits Wendy, and Bob is struggling back at the yard with flowers! Will they both finish their jobs in time?

Dizzy's Statues

Bob has to put bollards around the town hall and also put up Mrs Potts' garden statue. Unfortunately, when Bob has gone, the two machines put them the wrong way round, much to the horror of Mrs Potts!

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