George IV a Portrait by Joanna Richardson - Hardback  

George IV a Portrait by Joanna Richardson - Hardback

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‘He was admitted by all to be the most accomplished man of his age,’ the Duke of Wellington reminded the House of Lords three days after George IV had died.

‘This aspect of King George the Fourth has always been neglected,’ writes Joanna Richardson in her Introduction. ‘The splendid patron has been dismissed as a squandering dilettante; the lover of humaner delights has been dismissed as the faithless husband and philanderer, the artificial figure whom Thackeray condemned.

I have tried to focus the sights more correctly; to assess the creative achievement of King George the Fourth, and to re-assess his simple, complex, vexing and quite fascinating nature. This is not a political study, or a simple repetition of the vagaries of his private life. It is, I hope, a more just appreciation of his character and achievement.’


Published by Sidgewick and Jackson in 1966

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