Blue Eyed Boy by Joanne Harris - Paperback  

Blue Eyed Boy by Joanne Harris - Paperback

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'Once there was a widow with three sons, and their names were Black, Brown and Blue. Black was the eldest; moody and aggressive. Brown was the middle child; timid and dull. But Blue was his mother's favourite. And he was a murderer.'

Blueeyed boy is the brilliant new novel from Joanne Harris: a dark and intricately plotted tale of a poisonously dysfunctional family, a blind child prodigy, and a serial murderer who is not who he seems. Told through posts on a webjournal called "Badguysrock", this is a thriller that makes creative use of all the multiple personalities, disguise and mind games that are offered by playing out a life on the internet.

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Author Joanne Harris
Type Paperback
Condition Used - Good
ISBN 9780552773164
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