Broken Arrow Blu-ray  

Broken Arrow Blu-ray

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Broken arrow is a military term for a nuclear warhead that has been stolen -- and villainous Air Force pilot Vic Deakins (John Travolta) has done just that.

In fact, he's pilfered TWO bombs, in an effort to extract a huge amount of cash from the government in exchange for their safe return. However, there's a fly in the ambitious thief's ointment: Riley Hale (Christian Slater), Vic's former co-pilot, whom Vic thought he had killed when he robbed the bombs.

Helping Riley is gutsy female Park Ranger Terry Carmichael (Samantha Mathis). Together the duo uses all the artillery, ammo, vehicles, and gumption they can muster, as they risk life and limb to thwart Vic and his vile gang.

Hong Kong action specialist John Woo propels the film through trains, Humvees, exploding helicopters and more.

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Starring Christian Slater, Howie Long, Robert Gunton, Samantha Mathis, John Travolta, Delroy Lindo, Frank Whaley
Format Blu-ray
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