Call of Duty 3 for PS3  

Call of Duty 3 for PS3

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Take part in World War II campaigns as part of the British, Canadian, Polish, American and French Resistance forces, in the FPS video game Call of Duty 3.

Set during the Normandy Breakout of 1944, this Sony PlayStation 3 game is based on a single combined campaign where you can play the role of a soldier of any of the four nations mentioned above. The objective of this FPS video game requires your character to liberate France from the Germans by infiltrating the Nazi regime.

Including flamethrowers, advanced machine guns, versatile vehicular sequences, and blood-splattering combat scenes, this Sony PlayStation 3 game gives you complete freedom to bring down hell on your opponents. Additionally, Call of Duty 3 features nine different multiplayer maps, six different match types, as well as team battles, and capture the flag campaigns, giving you a versatile game play.

.15With realistic character cut scenes, great visuals, and good sound, Call of Duty 3 makes it worth your while.

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