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Charlotte's Web DVD

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Featuring the cutest ensemble cast of barnyard animals since BABE, CHARLOTTE’S WEB tells the story of one little piggy’s quest to stay alive... and off the menu. His first saviour comes in the form of spirited farm girl Fern (Dakota Fanning), who rescues Wilbur--the runt of his litter--from her father's axe. But as the swine grows up, he faces the stark prospect of ending up a packet of pork scratchings.

Luckily, his arachnid pal Charlotte (voiced by Julia Roberts) is on hand to convince Wilbur's guardians that he is no ordinary pig, by spinning fancy, slogan-filled webs above his pen. The resulting hubbub saves his bacon once again and reveals the importance of friendship and loyalty. Additionally, in scene after poignant scene, Wilbur learns about the nature of miracles, the seasons of life and death, and the inherent worth of even the runtiest of us.

Gary Winick (THIRTEEN GOING ON 30) had a lot to live up to in remaking a beloved children's movie, itself based on the classic novel by E. B. White, but this 2006 live-action version more than fulfils its promise. With its droll '50s-inspired art direction and low-key, earnest performances, Winick maintains the deeply moral (though not moralistic) themes of the original novel, injecting some mild humour and scenes of peril and adventure.

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