Cheeky Chappies Max Miller & Flanagan & Allen 2 CD Set  

Cheeky Chappies Max Miller & Flanagan & Allen 2 CD Set

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CD 1

1. The Cheeky Chappie Tells Some 'Passing the Time Away'
2. The Cheeky Chappie Chats About Etiquette
3. The Cheeky Chappie Tells Some More
4. Down Where the Rambling Roses Grow/I Don't Like the Girls Who....
5. All Good Stuff Lady
6. Mary Ann
7. Entry 'Mary from the Dairy/She Shall Have Music Wherever She ...
8. The Cheeky Chappie Tells a Few
9. The Cheeky Chappie Tells a Few More
10. The Hiking Song
11. The Grand Old Man/Max Tells His First Arp Experience
12. Max Is Now a Swimming Instructor
13. Max Sings of Some of the Girls He Has Met and Tells You of Some ...
14. Max Tells One
15. Ain't Love Grand
16. Annie the Farmer's Daughter
17. A New Kind of Old Fashioned Gilr/Cheeky Chappie Picks from the White ...
18. The Cheeky Chappie Goes on Pickin' Em
19. Is There No End to His Cleverness? He Now Recites 'What Ju-Ju ...
20. Stringing Along with You
21. Sitting in the Old Armchair/Jean Carr Asks Some Questions But Max ...
22. Max Gives Jean Some Chocolates/Hiking Song/All Good Things Come to ...

CD 2

1. Are You Having Any Fun?
2. Round the Back of the Arches
3. Let's Be Buddies
4. The Smiths and the Jones
5. Don't Ever Walk in the Shadows
6. Why Don't You Fall in Love with Me?
7. Down Forget-Me-Not Lane
8. Corn Silk
9. We'll Smile Again
10. Rose O'Day
11. What More Can I Say
12. I'm Nobody Baby
13. Yesterday's Dream
14. In a Little Rocky Valley
15. Down Every Street
16. On the Outside Looking In
17. I Don't Want to Walk Without You
18. If a Grey-Haired Lady Say's 'How's Yer Father'?
19. Miss You
20. The Umbrella Man
21. We're Gonna Hang out the Washing on the Siegfried Line
22. Medley: Can't We Meet Again/A Million Tears/Underneath the Arches

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Artist Max Miller & Flanagan & Allen
Format CD
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