Conflict Desert Storm for Xbox  

Conflict Desert Storm for Xbox

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Set against the backdrop of the Gulf War, Conflict: Desert Storm charges players with leading a four-man squad through 15 levels of tactical action. After choosing to take control of either a U.S. or British team of operatives, you embark on a campaign loosely patterned after the events in the Middle East. As is the case with similar titles, each of the operatives in your team, whether he be an assault trooper, sniper, medic, or weapons expert, possesses a unique ability. Viewed from a third-person perspective, players are able to switch between operatives, instantly assuming direct control over any one member at a given time.

Commands, such as "fire at will" or "take cover," can be issued to teammates at any time. Experience points are doled out after the successful completion of a mission, and although a particular member may initially be somewhat inept when tasked with something outside of their realm of expertise, they will slowly gain experience and proficiency in weapon handling, first aid, or whatever other task you force them to perform. Prior to each mission you're given a briefing explaining the objectives to be completed, and usually involve neutralizing an enemy threat, protecting allies or reaching an evacuation point.

Armed with meager supplies, players will need to salvage ammunition and other useful items from the battlefield in order to pose any threat to the enemy soldiers and units that inhabit the landscape. Among the many weapons players will come across are anti-tank rockets, grenades, assault rifles, and C4. When team members are critically injured, they'll have a limited window in which to be resuscitated before they're gone for good. Operatives killed in action will be replaced on subsequent missions by new personnel. On occasion, vehicles encountered within the game can be commandeered, allowing the entire squad to cover significant ground in only a short period of time. Depending on their positioning, players are able to perform different functions in the vehicle, assuming the role of the driver or gunner, for example. Conflict: Desert Storm supports four-player simultaneous multiplay, allowing each human player to assume control of one of the team members.

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