Denial by Peter James -  Paperback  

Denial by Peter James - Paperback

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When Gloria Lamark, an actress long past her prime, can't face the end of her career and commits suicide, Thomas, her mentally unstable son, decides someone has to pay for the loss of his beloved mother. The target of his revenge campaign is high profile psychiatrist Michael Tennent whom the actress had seen for therapy sessions. A cat-and-mouse game commences in which the psychopath sets the rules and to which only he has all the clues.

Very early in the novel the author shows the amount of violence (think Thomas Harris) that the actress' son is capable of. This resulted in me being very anxious whenever one of the "good guys" seemed to fall into one of the traps set by the highly intelligent Thomas Lamark. Later in the book, when some of the many plotlines come together, the pressure on the criminal increases and culminates in a gripping showdown.

The only problem I had with the book is that some things seemed too coincidental. For example there is a secondary character who just happens to drop a name out of the blue when the plot threatens to go nowhere. Apart from that "Denial" is a very suspenseful thriller that reads quickly and is almost impossible to put down.

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Author Peter James
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