Dr Who and the Daleks + Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 AD DVD Two Disc Set  

Dr Who and the Daleks + Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 AD DVD Two Disc Set

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Adapted from the British television series, this feature film stars Peter Cushing as the title character, an inventor who has created a time machine known as TARDIS that is disguised as a police call box. When he accidentally turns the machine on, the good Doctor, his two granddaughters, Barbara (Jennie Linden) and Susan (Roberta Tovey), and Barbara's boyfriend, Ian (Roy Castle), are transported to the planet Skaro where they find a race of humans that are being tormented by evil robots known as Daleks.

A sequel to DOCTOR WHO AND THE DALEKS, DALEKS INVASION EARTH 2150 A.D. once again finds Cushing taking over the role of Dr. Who from his television counterpart, William Hartnell. Here, the Doctor and a number of his companions take TARDIS to the year 2150 only to discover that the earth has been ravaged and taken over by the diabolical Daleks. Realising that the Daleks are trying to mine the globe's nuclear core, Dr. Who and company resolve to foil their plan and save the future of humanity.

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Starring Peter Cushing, Ray Brooks, Roy Castle, Bernard Cribbins, Andrew Keir, Jennie Linden, Barry Ingham, Jill Curzon, Roberta Tovey
Format DVD
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