Felt Tents and Pavilions 2 Volume set - Hardback  

Felt Tents and Pavilions 2 Volume set - Hardback

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In this first historical study of the Central Asian felt tent, the author interprets indigenous texts and visual material, from the 8th century to the 18th, through his extensive fieldwork. He shows how the dwelling, at the very date of nomadic life, is much more than a physical structure, carrying a complex of associations with social practice, use of space, images and symbolism.

He contrasts this with an urban tradition of tentage adopted by nomads as they conquered Western Asia. Since the Achaemenids, this had been used as an expression of power and prestige, through great size and height, rich materials, and novel forms. Both traditions drew on a common symbolic basis which the exchange. Similar developments occurred in the organisation of the camps so necessary for administering large territories.

Original 2 volume set from 1999 in excellent condition

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Author Peter Alford Andrews
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