Fifi and the Flower Tots DVD  

Fifi and the Flower Tots DVD

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Fifi Forget-Me-Not is full of energy and creativity, always smiling and looking for excitement. Fifi lives in Forget-Me-Not Cottage and is always busy with her friends Bumble, Primrose and Violet, out gardening or cooking or keeping a watchful eye on the naughty Stingo and Slugsy. These two are always looking for mischief and getting into trouble! But with so much to remember all of the time, Fifi often forgets things which leads to all kinds of wonderful adventures. Enjoy all of the fun, mayhem and laughter in 10 great new stories 'Fifi's Filmshow', 'Rockabye Stingo', 'Fizzy Business', 'Violet's Party', 'Fifi's Pancake Fun', 'Compost Chaos', 'Just One Hornetto', 'Flowertot Babysitter', 'Violet’s Big Bracelet' and 'The Wasp That Cried Ouch'.

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Starring Jane Horrocks, Marc Silk, Maria Darling, Tim Whitnall
Format DVD
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Barcode 5014138602628
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