Fight Night Round 3 for PS3  

Fight Night Round 3 for PS3

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Fight Night Round 3 brings back Fight Night, the undisputed champion of boxing games.

It's one of the best looking and playing sports games on the market. Now it takes the action outside the ring -- where gamers can establish rivalries through pre-fight events, putting purpose and passion behind every hit. It's the closest thing to being in the ring without getting punched. Film-quality graphics - Gamers rely on facial expressions and body language to gauge an opponent's health and energy creating a more emotionally immersive experience.

Online gameplay for wilder boxing action against real-life opponents.

3 new Impact Punches, with high risk and high reward - put down your opponent or get knocked on the canvas. Players are only one punch away from the entire dynamic of the fight changing!
Clench down on that mouth guard, rookie! Super Punch lets you feel the impact of a devastating punch, as the boxer's face ripples from that blow
Design a fighting style all your own, and see how you match up against the authentic signature styles from the world's best fighters
Establish rivalries by intimidating opponents before the big fight with heated press conferences, trash talkin', and fights at weigh-ins
Watch ESPN Classic footage of real-life bouts or re-create the greatest fights from past and present

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