Forever England by Beryl Bainbridge - Hardback  

Forever England by Beryl Bainbridge - Hardback

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Based on a six-part BBC series that originally aired in Britain in the 1980s, this volume mixes interviews and memoir to explore the lives of three families from the north and three from the south of England at the height of the Thatcher era.

Bainbridge visits towns like Hastings, Barnsley, and Bentley, talking to sheep farmers, fishermen, stockbrokers, and the chronically unemployed, all the while drawing on her own experience of growing up in Liverpool after World War II. With acute insight, she explains how the Conservative government helped deepen the divide between north and south, the underprivileged and the privileged. The interviews begin with immediate family and branch out to friends and relatives in wider orbits.

It is instructive to travel back a decade and see how the seeds of despair were sown, mines were closed and resources depleted, putting families out of work and onto welfare

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