Battlefield 1942 World War 2 WWII for PC  

Battlefield 1942 World War 2 WWII for PC

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Battlefield 1942 strives to give players an action-oriented first-person perspective on the wide variety of infantry regiments, advanced vehicles, strategic maneuvers, and violent battles that came together to turn the tide in World War II. The game is designed to represent nearly every major factor in WWII to some extent, featuring all four branches of the military, conflicts in the Pacific and European theaters, and the opportunity to play as an Axis or Allied force.

Single players enter Battlefield 1942 as noncommissioned "grunts," but progress in rank through successful missions to command full platoons of soldiers and eventually fleets of planes and ships. The online multiplayer game is designed to support up to 64 players in the same 3D-rendered battles. In either mode of play, learning to coordinate attacks in the midst of the chaos can be an important key to victory.

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