Dishonored Special Edition for Xbox 360  

Dishonored Special Edition for Xbox 360

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Dishonored is a first-person stealth and action game with elements of role-playing.

It is set in the fictional industrial city of Dunwall in 1666, modeled after the London of the Victorian era, but mixed with a futuristic vision with magical and steampunk elements. Players take the role of Corvo Attano, Royal Protector of the Empress Jessamine Kaldwin, who is framed for murder and the abduction of Emily, the daughter of the empress.

This leads him to seek revenge and assassinate those who conspired against him. The game consists of a series of assassination missions that can be completed through pure violence, pure stealth, or a mix of both. Corvo has access to various weapons, supplemented with magical abilities by the being The Outsider.

Each mission offers various non-linear approaches and many of these are found by exploring the environment. With special attention to stealth, it is possible to complete the game in a non-lethal manner.

The special edition contains:

• Dishonored (base game)
• Dishonored: Arcane Assassain Pack (DLC)
• A deck of tarot cards for a game of Nancy

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