Amped Freestyle Snowboarding for Xbox  

Amped Freestyle Snowboarding for Xbox

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Have all the snowboarding fun without the restrictions of the normal race mode. Freestyle snowboarding as the name suggests owes all to tricks you can perform and how! The trick system makes for a tight game play. Three modes are on offer; career, quick start and multi-player.

The Career mode consists of four parts namely, high score to crank up as many manoeuvres as possible; Media provides the chance to perform tricks precisely when the shutterbugs are working; Sponsor looks for a particular move and winning them would fetch you their jersey. However, there are negative points for failure; and finally in the pro-ride the player must first see-and-learn and then get the better of any one of the 17 pros on the track. By choosing from a variety of conditions you can play a round-robin tournament in the multi-player mode.

Stunning actual locations like Stratton, Brighton and Altibahn add to the fun. Background scores span the entire gamut of music genre from reggae to rap; punk to electronic. There are 50 songs in all, and if that isn't enough the game lets you use your own music from the Xbox hard drive!

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