I Knew I was Right by Julie Burchill - Hardback  

I Knew I was Right by Julie Burchill - Hardback

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'Whenever I read autobiographies, no matter how good they are, I am struck by how little of a handle most people have on themselves. Their promiscuity is justified as eternal romanticism... their avarice as a natural outcome of being forced to sleep in a shoebox with two siblings when young. Well, I’m not saying I won’t lie about anything during the course of this memoir. I’ll lie a lot — about other people, that is. I lie about them and try to make them seem better than they were because it I showed them in all their swinishness I’d look like the blind lemon of all time for giving them the time of day, let alone sleeping with them.'

When she was 17 she set hippies on fire, gave Iggy Pop laxatives instead of drugs and spurned Marc Bolan. She was already writing for the NME, and at 20 wrote for the Face, at 23 for the Sunday Times and at 26 for the Mail on Sunday. Julie Burchill is the most famous youngest journalist ot her time. Here she reveals her extraordinary childhood; the joys of shoplifting; teen love; her rebel years at the NME; her reign as Queen of the Groucho Club; and two decades of ambition, tame and controversy.

In I Knew I Was Right, Julie Burchill is at her most controversial, shocking and funny. It is compulsory reading for everyone who shimmied in the seventies and crashed through the eighties, for fans other journalism in the national press, and for her enemies. Her first novel, Ambition, was a huge bestseller. Here, tinally, is the uncut version of her incredible life - and it’s all true...

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