Jazz Piano from Scratch by Charles Beale - Paperback  

Jazz Piano from Scratch by Charles Beale - Paperback

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Jazz Piano From Scratch is a complete step by step guide to playing jazz with confidence and style. Designed for the complete beginner, it breaks down the process into simple yet fun activities, with many musical examples to illustrate the points made. The accompanying CD provides examples, activities and some great trio paying to use as a backdrop to your own work.

The book deals with rhythm, harmony, melody, structure, chords and changes, modal jazz, blues style, chord substitutions, bebop, style and creativity, improvisation techniques and control.

These skills can be developed by any musician, and the book is designed to ease all players into jazz. It stands also as an indispensable companion to the Board's jazz piano syllabus, examining in Part III the different components of the exams and showing you how to prepare yourself thoroughly.

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Author Charles Beale
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