Lego Racers 2 for PC  

Lego Racers 2 for PC

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Rocket Racer issues a new racing challenge in LEGO Racers 2 for the PC, which features five LEGO worlds and three modes of play. Sparky the mechanic helps players build their own custom LEGO racecar and design their own driver to compete in either the adventure mode's racing challenge against Rocket Racer, or in a two-player time trial or battle. With golden bricks, racing bosses, and bonus games, LEGO creativity is just the beginning of this second LEGO racing title.

To create a LEGO car, players can choose from a pre-built vehicle or design their own racer brick by brick. Just like horses need a jockey, these racecars need drivers. Players can design their drivers by choosing heads, hats, trunks, and legs. When the cars and drivers are ready to roll, players can choose Adventure mode, Arcade mode or Two-Player mode.

As the main game, Adventure mode is where players eventually challenge Rocket Racer to decide who is the best LEGO racer in the galaxy. With both missions and races to complete in each world, play begins at Sandy Bay where racers must defeat four drivers before progressing to the other worlds and ultimately challenging Rocket Racer. As each world is unlocked, it becomes available for racing in other modes. To advance to Dino Island, Mars, The Arctic, and Xalax, players need to acquire enough LEGO golden bricks, found hidden within each world. A bonus game becomes available if all 35 golden bricks are collected. In each world, players can lose bricks from their cars, but these can be replaced by making pit stops. Xalax is the last of the LEGO worlds, where players will first challenge four drivers before racing against the infamous Rocket Racer.

Arcade mode allows racers to compete against any vehicle and driver around one of the available tracks in an attempt to achieve the best-recorded time. In Two-Player mode racers go head-to-head against a friend for the best time, or battle it out in a no-holds-barred elimination game where the racer with the most bricks left on his/her car is the winner. Arcade mode also allows two players to compete simultaneously on a split screen for the best lap time.

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