Looking Good Dead by Peter James - Paperback  

Looking Good Dead by Peter James - Paperback

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Book 2, in the Detective Superintendent Roy Grace crime series

This second novel is a wonderful follow up to the debut novel “Dead Simple” and has plenty of threads to connect the dots if you haven’t read it. Roy’s second outing is just as good, if not better than his first. The plot and pacing are simply terrific. There are plenty of farfetched scenes although terribly predictable will not disappoint, take the book for what it is and you will find it a rattling good read.

One of the pleasures of this book is Roy: a true professional at the top of his game, an intuitive policeman tormented by his wife disappearance, a man with a penchant for consulting clairvoyants on murder cases and one interesting distraction : his emerging romance with the local pathologist. What else do we want in a terrific protagonist?

This sharp and punchy sequel brings our troubled Brighton cop into the snuff world. The author particularly excels describing the very creepy villains that play roles in some of the scenes…The first murder comes early on- the brutal murder of an attractive junior lawyer broadcast over the internet. After picking up a discarded CD on a commuter train, Tom Bryce inserted it in his computer only to be shocked with what he witnessed. His brain said he was watching a movie but when her name showed up in the news he contacted the police and here the investigation began as Roy came into the picture……and we are left with sustained suspense throughout the pages till we reach the terrifying conclusion….

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Author Peter James
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