Medla of Honor Frontline for Xbox  

Medla of Honor Frontline for Xbox

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Medal of Honor Frontline marked the debut of the best--selling and award--winning Medal of Honor franchise on the Microsoft Xbox, and now it's back at a budget price!

In Frontline, you go behind enemy lines as Lt. Jimmy Patterson. Your missions range from the D--Day assault on Omaha Beach, to surveillance of your Nazi nemesis aboard and atop a speeding armored train, to the epic battle for control of Nijmegen Bridge, a strategic choke point in the Allied drive into the heart of Nazi Germany. It all culminates in a top--secret, high--risk mission to steal the HO--IX flying wing, an experimental Nazi jet fighter so powerful it could turn the tide of World War II.

20 levels of gameplay spread across 6 major missions, all based on real World War II events
Clandestine missions such as a disguised, weaponless infiltration of an officer's pub
Fully realized and highly-detailed 3D environments
Over 20 authentic WWII weapons
Includes the Colt .45, Springfield sniper rifle, Panzerschreck rocket launcher and MG42 mounted machine gun
For 1 player

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