MI 9 Escape and Evasion 1939-1945 by MRD Foot and JM Langley - Hardback  

MI 9 Escape and Evasion 1939-1945 by MRD Foot and JM Langley - Hardback

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Many famous escapes from Nazi-occupied Europe were made possible by a hitherto secret British service, MI 9. This small, dedicated and endlessly inventive team constantly exchanged coded letters with prisoner-of-war camps. lt sent in money, maps, clothes, compasses, hacksaws; the prisoners sent out invaluable news of what was going on in the enemy’s homeland. This book tells the full inside story of MI 9 for the first time

MI 9, at first alone and later hand in glove with its American counterpart, M 1 S-X, worked to train the armed forces in how to behave if in enemy hands, in how to escape, and also in how to evade capture. Evasion lines were developed to such a pitch that by June 1944 the chances that an airman shot down over France or Belgium would be brought home uncaptured were as low as evens. These services worked in Africa and Asia as well as Europe, and against all probability achieved some startling results in China.

The book is crammed with exciting and astonishing stories - the two Americans who found they were married to the same girl; the Englishman who got engaged on Saturday, was shot down on Monday, and was back for an engagement party the Saturday after; the man who went from Hamburg to Stettin in full RNVR uniform, bearing the papers of a fictitious Bulgarian Lieutenant l. Bagerov; the dockyard workers who were smuggled out of Hong Kong, turning that port into a liability for the Japanese instead of an asset.

All these tales and many hundreds of others are now tied together into a coherent whole, in this tribute to the clandestine organisers of escape and evasion, and specially to the genius of Norman Crockatt, the head of MI 9.

Both authors were for a short time prisoners of war themselves, and have practical experience of escaping. They have been able to draw on the unexplored riches of the British and American secret archives, only recently opened to researchers.

Published in 1979.

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