European History and European Lives 1715-1914 6 DVD set and Coursebook  

European History and European Lives 1715-1914 6 DVD set and Coursebook

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Thirty-five of the most influential people who lived during the 200 most difficult years in the history of the West form the subject of this dramatically different course.

Who were these artists, writers, scientists, and leaders in the context of history? How and why did their lives shape our times and reflect their own? They lived during the years 1715 to 1914, and they include: Augustus the Strong-his gargantuan appetites nearly exhausted his royal treasury Charles Darwin-a disinterested theology student whose real obsession was to explain things Sir Robert Walpole-an extraordinary politician with an even greater mastery of corruption David Lloyd George-his incomparable political strengths were put to a radically different purpose Mary Wollstonecraft-her groundbreaking manifestos launched feminism but offered little protection from the irony of her own biological destiny Captain Alfred Dreyfus-he was condemned to Devil's Island in a notorious miscarriage of justice that foreshadowed the Holocaust Napoleon Bonaparte-his conquests and administrative genius turned the French Revolution from chaos and disorder to stability and permanence.

What do these people have in common? And what links them to such similarly disparate figures as Marx and Engels, Marie Antoinette, Edmund Burke, C.P.E. Bach, Metternich, Pope Pius IX, Nathan Rothschild, or Louis Pasteur? They are all major players in the grand drama of history, whether ruler or statesman, artist or philosopher, general, scientist, or leader of a faith. And each plays a role in this course-a deft mix of history and biography-as a way to understand this history.

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