Pokemon The First Movie DVD  

Pokemon The First Movie DVD

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In this action-packed adventure story based on the popular TV series, a villainous Pokemon "collector" is attempting to ensnare the mysterious guardian Pokemon Lugia.

In order to summon this mystical creature, he must first capture three powerful elemental Pokemon representing fire, lightning, and ice: Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno--an act that threatens to upset the balance of nature itself. As horrible natural disasters begin to occur all over the world, young Ash discovers that according to an ancient prophecy, he is the chosen one who must save the earth from total destruction--a daunting challenge for any Pokemon trainer.

Fortunately, Ash is surrounded by friends he can always count on for support: his faithful electric Pokemon Pikachu, traveling companions Misty and Tracy, and his new friend Melody. Even some old enemies, the nefarious Team Rocket, end up lending a helping hand for a change. This film has a more polished feel than its predecessor, POKEMON: THE FIRST MOVIE, and some impressive computer-animated background graphics.

The main feature is preceded by a new animated short, "Pikachu's Rescue Adventure," in which audiences get to see a variety of wild Pokemon in their natural settings while learning a valuable lesson about cooperation.

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Starring Veronica Taylor, Eric Stuart
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