Pro Beach Soccer for PS2  

Pro Beach Soccer for PS2

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The first Beach Soccer video game designed especially for fans of football and arcade games.

Discover all the excitement of this new sport which is taking football's greatest stars by storm. This arcade game is set in the unique and exotic atmosphere of stadiums from Rio to Dubai. Pro Beach Soccer is a fun game with cool looking players, spectacular moves and DJs playing hot tunes in the different settings!

A festive atmosphere for a relaxed game
Beach soccer originated in Brazil and is a spectacular sport played on sand – which gives it a different dimension to standard football. Aimed at both football and arcade game fans, Pro Beach Soccer combines a wide variety of acrobatic feats with a sound and light extravaganza. In Pro Beach Soccer, the athletes and spectators create a unique vibe packed with action, sun and music.

Straightforward controls, easy to learn
Its ease of use makes Pro Beach Soccer a very fun game: chips, slides, and flying volleys are just some of beach soccer's fun moves. Physical and technical options for each move mean that there's great variety of control. And button combinations can be used to take special aerial shots on goal.

With game modes that alternate between realism and arcade mode, Pro Beach Soccer gives you the perfect opportunity of becoming this new sport's main star. For example, in Pro Beach Soccer Tour mode, you can take part in a whole season of beach soccer: take on the best teams in the world (32 teams) and play in all 4 corners of the earth in unbelievably exotic locations! For those who love short intense challenges, the arcade / survival mode will let them take on 14 teams in a row!

Jump straight into a once-off match in exhibition mode and play till 4 players (1 against 2, 2 against 2...) The training mode will let you take part in 4 playful tests designed to help you master the game's more complicated aspects.

Finally, the competition editor will let you create your own league and tournaments.

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