Randall Jarrell's Letters edited by Mary Jarrell - Hardback  

Randall Jarrell's Letters edited by Mary Jarrell - Hardback

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These vivacious and forthright letters by the poet, critic and novelist Randall Jarrell cover a period of thirty years. They are addressed to such writers as John Berryman, Elizabeth Bishop, Robert Frost, Robert Lowell and Adrienne Rich. These are balanced with more personally revealing letters to his first wife, Mackie Langham, to a woman friend in Vienna, and to his second wife Mary von Schrader, who has edited the volume.

The correspondence begins in 1935, when Jarrell was twenty—one, poor, a Marxist, and fiercely determined to write. The tone is comically brash as he sounds off to his illustrious mentors Allen Tate, Robert Penn Warren and Edmund Wilson. Later there are war letters that reveal the background of the poems in "Little Friend", "Little Friend and Losses". These are followed by letters that read like rough notes for his wickedly amusing satire "Pictures from an Institution". Of special literary interest are the series to Robert Lowell, affectionately harrying his friend to rethink the poems in "Lord Weary’s Castle".

Finally, in the early sixties, Jarrell is writing to his three closest friends: Lowell, Peter Taylor and the publisher Michael di Capua. His tone has mellowed but his mood is still spontaneous, candid and judgemental. The collection ends abruptly in October 1965 when Jarrell was accidentally struck and killed by a car.

Published by Faber and Faber in 1986

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