Sarum by Edward Rutherfurd - Paperback  

Sarum by Edward Rutherfurd - Paperback

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Set in the magical landscape of Stonehenge and the cathedral city of Salisbury, SARUM is an epic story of five families - the Wilsons, the Masons, the Roman family of Porteus, the Saxon Shockleys and the Norman Godfreys - through the turbulent course of English history from the Ice Age to the present day. SARUM is the story of English ancestral roots.

The family saga sweeps across millennia of settlement. Hwll the hunter, fleeing the rising seas at the end of the last Ice Age, finds refuge on Sarum's high ground. Nooma the stone mason builds Stonehenge for the astronomer priests and witnesses a human sacrifice; thirty-two centuries later, his descendant Oswald Mason builds Salisbury cathedral with its soaring spire, and falls into each of the seven deadly sins. Roman roads, the Celtic hillfort of Old Sarum, a Saxon convent, a Norman castle, a medieval market town, a Tudor country house, Georgian townhouses, Victorian cottages - all appear and live on in perpetuity in Sarum's echoing landscape.

SARUM contains drama and adventure. Cloth merchants prosper, knights are ruined; Protestants are burned, Catholics persecuted, witches tried. In the days of British Empire, Adam Shockley fights in the American War of Independence; Peter Wilson takes part in the great naval battle of Trafalgar; Jane Shockley tries to join Florence Nightingale as a nurse, before succumbing to a scandalous romance. There is also much fascinating research. We learn how Common Law began, how the Jews of Sarum were expelled, what really happened in the Black Death; how the independent people of Sarum threw both the Royalists and the Roundheads out of town, how the Industrial Revolution came to the countryside, and how Stonehenge was sold.

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