Sims 2 Pets for PSP  

Sims 2 Pets for PSP

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Sims 2: Pets offers a variety of animals, customization features, uploading and downloading options, accessories, and even careers for your furry friends. Select from 14 dog and 14 cat breeds, such as retriever or Siamese, by visiting pet stores, through the adoption service on your Sim's phone, from the street, or by creating your own. To develop your special pet, select such attributes as body shape, fur color, markings, nose, ears, and even clothing. After you have made your selection, you can pamper your animal with a variety of accessories including toys, beds, dishes, clothing, and more by visiting shops downtown.

Pets have wants and requirements similar to your human Sims including social and playtime desires that can be met by going to the park, needs like food, something to chew, a scratchable surface, a place to potty, and time to rest. Just as in real life it is your Sim's responsibility to keep a pet happy by feeding and watering it, playing with it, showing it love, going to the park, or teaching it tricks such as sit, stay, and fetch. Sometimes animals need to be disciplined for actions such as chewing a favorite shoe or scratching up the couch, but with the right training, a chew toy, and a scratching post, those irritating habits should no longer affect your belongings.

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