Smurfs My Smurfy Valentine DVD  

Smurfs My Smurfy Valentine DVD

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Collection of four romantically-themed Smurf adventures.

In 'My Smurfy Valentine' Smurfette is horrified to discover that the evil witch, Chlorhydis, plans to cast a spell that will eradicate love. Can the Smurfs save the day?

'Romeo and Smurfette' finds the Smurfs competing for the affection of Smurfette, who is under a spell cast by Gargamel. But will the love-struck Smurfs be able to perceive this?

In 'Smurfette's Dancing Shoes' an Imp with evil intentions gives Smurfette the gift of magical dancing shoes. Smurfette is pleased with the gift - until she realises that the Imp expects marriage in return.

Finally, in 'Papa's Wedding Day', Flowerbell, a nymph fairy, arrives in Smurf village to try and win the heart of Papa Smurf - much to the concern of the other Smurfs.

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