Soft Target by Stephen Leather - Paperback  

Soft Target by Stephen Leather - Paperback

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There’s only one thing more dangerous than a corrupt cop, and that’s a corrupt cop with a gun. When an elite armed police unit appears to have gone maverick, Dan ‘Spider’ Shepherd is sent in to the firing line. And as he starts to investigate fellow cops, he has to decide where his loyalty lies. To his colleagues, his masters, or his family.

Shepherd is ordered to infiltrate an SO19 unit, a tight-knit team of armed policemen patrolling the mean streets of London. It’s the first time Shepherd has had to investigate his own, and he is far from happy about the prospect. The armed cops have killed drugs dealers in a shoot-out, and they face long prison sentences if Shepherd can prove that they’ve gone bad.

But what Shepherd doesn’t know is that another case he is working on is about to blow up in his face. A woman wants her gangster husband killed, and Shepherd is playing the role of a hitman for hire. When that case starts to go wrong, it risks blowing his cover with the armed cops.

As Shepherd struggles to keep both investigations in play, a Saudi terrorist is planning a major terrorist operation that, if successful, will kill hundreds of innocent civilians in the capital.

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Author Stephen Leather
Type Paperback
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