Something for the Weekend by Pauline McLynn - Paperback  

Something for the Weekend by Pauline McLynn - Paperback

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Leo Street is fed up. It's her thirtieth birthday and it's raining again.

Her home town of Dublin is no 'New Barcelona'; her job as a private investigator brings nothing but heartache and unpaid bills; and her boyfriend Barry treats her house like a free hotel - without giving her the benefits of room service. So she's rather relieved when a loathsome client sends her away to County Kildare to spy on his supposedly cheating wife.

The one catch is she has to masquerade as a member of a cookery course and the only piece of culinary equipment Leo can handle is a tin opener - Weekend Entertaining Part 1 is daunting to say the least.

As she strips away layers of marital infidelity - not to mention several other scandalous secrets - she battles with bread-making and brulee. But where will it all end - in triumph or tragedy?

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Author Pauline McLynn
Type Paperback
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ISBN 9780747263975
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