Lesley Garrett - soprano in red CD  

Lesley Garrett - soprano in red CD

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This album files nicely in with Lesley Garrett's other themed releases.

The soprano has been At the Movies, In Hollywood and In Love with the Silva Screen label--here she drapes herself seductively In Red for an hour of operetta highlights. As the sleeve notes resignedly concede, the times of the operetta as a genre are long gone.

Moving through the galleries of musical memorabilia, Garrett's bright charm succeeds in momentarily animating these discarded museum pieces of fancy-dress panoply, dormant remnants as they are of fin de siècle affections and 1920's escapism. A suave, richly sonorous orchestra and superb recording sound make the indisputably effective arrangements seem impressive to modern ears, but backs down from any ambitions of equally moving the heart.

Thus the violin solo in "Gypsy Fiddles Playing" has little original gypsy bite, although Garrett and the orchestra whip up a veritable storm later in the piece. A technical perfectionist, Garrett does full justice to the demanding repertoire's operatic requirements. But ultimately she comes across as a touch too "proper" to convince listeners that operetta as a genre ever had any real balls

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