Tenchu Z for Xbox 360  

Tenchu Z for Xbox 360

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Tenchu Z returns you to ancient Japan as you master the secret arts of the Ninja. Take on 50 stealth ninja missions, as you build up your chosen character. You`ll follow orders from Rikimaru, star of the previous Tenchu games, as you collect weapons and build Ninja skills. Patience and strategic thinking will pay off -- true Ninja mastery only comes with keen use of sound, sight and smell detection as you learn new moves and obtain new weapons.

The new stealth kill system reward strategy and skill over the usual "run and gun" fighting. Also four-player cooperative play through Xbox Live.

Experience enhanced ninja play with the Ki meter
Enlist the help of fellow ninjas
Master the new stealth kill system

The series is set in Feudal Japan and reflects the Ninja mythology incorporating stealth, sword-based combat and the ability to utilise a grappling hook to scale objects. Stealth is reflected in the availability of stealth kills, where undetected players can perform "instant kills" after creeping up on an enemy.

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