The Converts by Rex Warner - Hardback  

The Converts by Rex Warner - Hardback

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Following his two much-praised Julius Caesar novels Rex Warner has written a fascinating reconstruction of the early life of St Augustine in fourth century Rome and Milan.

It is a brilliant portrait of a complicated man, set in a time of political decadence but also of intellectual and religious ferment. Traditional ways of government, of life, of religion and of thought were changing rapidly and decisively. Christianity, though already given official backing by the Emperor Constantine, was still challenged by other creeds and continually in process of defining itself.

Augustine’s moral and intellectual growing pains are described through the imagined journal of Alypius, his greatest friend and admirer. After they have studied together in Carthage Augustine rejoins Alypius in Rome, where they are immediately caught up in the struggle of contemporary philosophies.

Rex Warner involves us deeply in moral and social issues which are as relevant today as they were in Augustine’s time. As always his prose is vivid and athletic and his historical touch accurate and wholly convincing.

First edition published in 1967 by Bodley Head

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