The Great Gatsby DVD  

The Great Gatsby DVD

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This third film version of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic 1925 novel was one of the most hyped movies of the summer of 1974.

Robert Redford stars as self-made millionaire Jay Gatsby, who uses his vast (and implicitly ill-gotten) fortune to buy his way into Long Island society. Most of all, Gatsby wants to win back the love of socialite Daisy Buchanan (Mia Farrow), now married to 'old money' Tom Buchanan (Bruce Dern).

Calmly observing the passing parade is Nick Carraway (Sam Waterston), Gatsby's best friend, who narrates the film. Francis Ford Coppola's screenplay is meticulously faithful to the original novel, but Theoni V. Aldredge's costume design and Nelson Riddle's nostalgic musical score won the film its only Oscars.

The huge supporting cast includes Howard da Silva, who played Wilson in the 1949 GREAT GATSBY, and a very young Patsy Kensit as Daisy's daughter.

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Starring Robert Redford, Mia Farrow, Bruce Dern, Sam Waterston, Scott Wilson, Lois Chiles
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