The Letters of Edith Wharton edited by RWB Lewis and Nancy Lewis - Hardback  

The Letters of Edith Wharton edited by RWB Lewis and Nancy Lewis - Hardback

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EDITH WHARTON’s novels and stories have recently been enioying a long—deserved revival. Now this superb edition of her letters provides an intimate view of her personal life, and forms a fascinating portrait of a gifted artist and a woman of abundant appetite tor life.

Born in 1862 into the privileged circles of wealthy New York society, Wharton later defied its expectations by divorcing her husband, earning her own income from her writing, travelling independently throughout Europe and North Africa, forging friendships with the leading writers and artists of her day, and settling alone in France.

The Letters span nearly half a century, from the 1890s to a week betore Wharton’s death in 1937. Ranging widely in tone and content, they chronicle the trials of her married lite, the progress of her literary career, her friendships with Henry James, Bernard Berenson, Walter Berry and Kenneth Clark, her abiding affection for small dogs, her involvement in the First World War in France, and the enticements and dangers of travel in exotic places.

At the heart of the collection is her passionate correspondence with her lover, the American journalist Morton Fullerton. Never intended for publication, it reveals Wharton in all the raw, emotional stages of unrequited love - ecstatic, depressed, insecure, angry.

Superbly edited by Nancy Lewis and Professor R.W.B. Lewis, the Pullitzer Prize-winning biographer of Edith Wharton, this is the first comprehensive publication of her letters. It is a masterly work of scholarship as well as a fascinating commentary on one of America’s most important writers.

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