The Nostradamus Prophecies by Mario Reading - Paperback  

The Nostradamus Prophecies by Mario Reading - Paperback

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An ancient secret...A deadly conspiracy...

Nostradamus wrote a thousand prophecies. Only 942 have survived. What happened to the missing quatrains? And what secrets did they contain to make it necessary for them to remain hidden? And why did Nostradamus leave his daughter a sealed container in his will?

This mystery drives two men with very different desires. Adam Sabir is a writer desperate to revive his flagging career; Achor Bale is a member of an ancient secret society that has dedicated itself to the protection and support of the 'Three Antichrists' foretold in Nostradamus's verses - Napoleon, Adolf Hitler, and the 'one still to come'...

The pair embark on a terrifying chase through the ancient Romany encampments of France in a quest to locate the missing verses. A compulsive page-turner for readers of Raymond Khoum's "The Last Templar".

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Author Mario Reading
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ISBN 9781848871243
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