The River King by Alice Hoffman - Paperback  

The River King by Alice Hoffman - Paperback

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For more than a century, the small town of Haddan, Massachusetts, has been divided, as if by a line drawn down the centre of Main Street, separating those born and bred in the 'village' from those who attend the prestigious Haddan School.

But one October night the two worlds are thrust together by an inexplicable death and the town's divided history is revealed in all its complexity.

The lives of everyone involved are unravelled: from Carlin Leander, the fifteen year old girl who is as loyal as she is proud, to Betsy Chase, a woman running from her own destiny; from August Pierce, a boy who unexpectedly finds courage in his darkest hour, to Abel Grey, the police officer who refuses to let unspeakable actions - both past and present - slide by without notice.

This is a novel as compelling as it is daring, an exploration of forgiveness and hope, a magical tale of innocence and evil and of the secrets that lurk beneath the most ordinary lives.

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Author Alice Hoffman
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