The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke - Paperback  

The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke - Paperback

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Wonderful. An exciting and richly atmospheric thriller told in the best storytelling tradition by a bestselling international children's author.

Two orphaned boys on the run from their aunt in Hamburg arrive in Venice - the city of magic their mother had told them about. They are befriended by a group of streetkids who live by their wits in a dilapidated, deserted cinema, looked after by Scipio, the self-styled Thief Lord, who is a boy of mystery himself.

A bungling detective, obsessed with disguises, is on the boys' trail but their new-found freedom faces a bigger threat from a challenge to steal the missing part of an old treasure which has the power to spin time.

All the elements of a fantastic story are included - lots of exotic atmosphere, mysterious characters, a plot that twists and turns, kids who take control of their lives and a surprisingly bizarre ending. For 10 years up.

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Author Cornelia Funke
Type Paperback
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ISBN 9781903434772
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