This is London by Stuart Hibberd - 1950 Autographed - Hardback  

This is London by Stuart Hibberd - 1950 Autographed - Hardback

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Highly collectible copy of Stuart Hibberd's This is London

Autographed by the author in 1950

Jacket notes:

B.B.C. The voice of Britain. For 25 years Stuart Hibberd has been its organ. Here the voice is supplemented by the pen; and throughout this "behind the scene" story of British Broadcasting a penetrating journalistic talent is revealed. In these pages we are given glimpses of the great, brought to the microphone often in circumstances of shattering world—wide significance.

Stuart Hibberd, the man whose voice penetrated the iron curtain of Nazi Europe, whose "This — is London . . ." sounded through the jungles of Burma and the vast African desert, bringing thoughts of home to thousands of weary soldiers, and hope of deliverance to millions of the oppressed, has not only given us a picture of the growth of the B.B.C. from its infancy to its present world—wide importance, but, through his contacts with many of our national leaders of the last three decades, a factual history of our time.

Dust jacket scruffy, but otherwise in good condition for it's age

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Author Stuart Hibberd
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