Virtual 3D World Atlas for PC  

Virtual 3D World Atlas for PC

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2 CD SET The first live atlas with 3D and satellite images Eingana Virtual 3D World Atlas is a full scale three dimensional replica of our planet. With an intriguing combination of both Atlas and Video Adventure, step into the shoes of a great explorer and travel the world.

Extraordinarily rich Eingana Virtual 3D World Atlas uses eight databases: topography, imagery, meteorology, place names, fauna and flora, hydrographic networks and sea floors. Discover the true realism of satellite images throughout the planet.

You'll need more than a lifetime to discover it all! Explore our living Earth Discover more than 100 species of animals (reptiles, mammals, endangered species, marsupials, tropical birds) and some mythical creatures too! In a forest, on top of a mountain or underwater, you will encounter the living beings of our planet.


Travel anywhere on the planet without restraint. Bookmark places of interest. Take snap shots of your favourite places and animals and include them in your Photo Album. Easy to use search facility. 23 demos featuring fly throughs in realistic 3D video mode. Useful help screen on how to use the various icons.

Shows the latitude and longitude of your current position in the world. Change the position of the sun and moon to view the planet at different times of the day.

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