Winners My Thirty Years in Sports by LeRoy Neiman - Hardback  

Winners My Thirty Years in Sports by LeRoy Neiman - Hardback

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Collectible Autographed copy of the wonderful book by LeRoy Neiman.

Although LeRoy Neiman calls his book WINNERS, he is quick to point out that he is presenting an egalitarian study of sports. For more than a quarter of a century Neiman has worked as an artist on the sports scene, portraying losers as well as winners - the important thing was to capture players of the game and to document their incredible quality of what Ernest Hemingway referred to as "grace under pressure".

Over the years Neiman has exposed himself to sports as they have exploded worldwide, presenting in this book more than twenty-four games and sports, plus the epic Olympics, against the backgrounds of countries as far flung as Africa and Japan. The first artist in the twentieth century to commit himself to sport, Neiman has in his own right become a sort of superstar at the events he documents. The cigar, the rakish hat, the jet-black handlebar mustache are familiar to television fans who catch glimpses of the artist busily sketching boxers at ringside, quarterbacks from the sidelines, basketball shooters under the hoop, and baseball players from dugouts or owners' private boxes.

The images that the artist has collected for this book, over 1,000 of them with more than 500 depicting particular personalities in the sports world, were selected from existing originals owned by Neiman or from collections he knows, and from ektachromes of works scattered all over the world. While college and amateur sports have also been covered, it is the guerrilla warfare of the pro in the trenches that has moved the artist to his most inspired efforts. There is something about an athlete, an artist, man in general, doing his thing for pay that, according to Neiman, is "the ultimate proof of the pudding." His subject matter is dominated by pros. The athletes he feels closest to, is most familiar with, or identifies with most warmly are those who have won through to professional standing. They provide the most excitement, challange and inspiration. It is they who Neiman thinks of as "winners."

This book salutes them all.

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