Written in Bones edited by Paul Bahn - Paperback  

Written in Bones edited by Paul Bahn - Paperback

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Human remains have much to tell us about how our ancestors lived and died. in Written in Bones, some of the most significant finds of recent years have been carefully brought together and analysed. Revealed are the modern scientific techniques employed by experts to piece together the stories behind the bones, and how the information is used to create a picture of the cultures and ritual beliefs of many ancient societies.

Whether the finds have been in the shadows of the Egyptian pyramids or the bogs of north-western Europe, the information is equally astounding. Some are obviously sacrificial victims, while others were possibly punished with a slow and agonising death. Fortunate ones bear the marks of being beloved and revered by the last to see their bodies.

The finds examined include the latest discoveries from the Valley of the Golden Mummies and the astonishing Chinchorro mummies of northern Chile, now accepted as the oldest in the world, Otzi the lceman, the world’s oldest dwarf, the headless men and giant wolves of the Mesolithic cemetery at Irkutsk, Siberia, and more.

Features many colour photos

Published by Quantum in 2007

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